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                    Quality Control
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                    Filter bag fabrication
                    First company in China to use automatic slitting machine and tubing line for bag fabrication. Current factory has 4 automatic lines plus long-armed sewing machines, welding facilities, seam sealing machine, etc.
                    Suitable sewing to meet the different conditions as per the customers’ requirements
                    Seam sealing process to meet low emission requirement

                    Bag sewing is strictly controlled by the companies QA system (which is of a level higher than GB standard) and includes:
                    Inspection of roll goods
                    On-line quality control of each production process
                    Bag fitting with tube-sheet and cage prior to mass production

                    Cage manufacture

                    Digitally controlled aligning machine to maintain the correct stringer-cutting length.
                    Dedicated machine and moulds to ensure the precise and consistent component manufacture
                    Electric resistance welding equipment for 8 tubing lines to meet daily productivity.
                    More than 10 years of silicon powder coating experiences provides a high quality anti-corrosion surface treatment for most operations with an economical cost benefit.
                    A new option of a cataphoresis coating which is an immersion treatment combined with electrical energy, it provides a very high resistance to corrosion even to the most inaccessible parts of products such as deep bends or couplings.

                    Cage manufacture is strictly controlled by the companies QA system (which is of a level higher than GB standard):

                    We are critical on the key points of cage manufature, such as circumference, length, especially for the perpendicularity which affects the air-flow distribution.